Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Garrick's Birthday Weekend!

I am older and wiser than Garrick by two months. He officially caught up on Sunday, and we celebrated all weekend. At the age of 25, we can finally rent a car! I'll trust Garrick to do the driving, as I'm not too thrilled about the other side of the road.

Saturday morning, we woke up to sun at 8am and headed out on our bikes. Garrick masterfully planned out a cycle he calls, "The Four Hills of Strathkinnes." I joined for hill #1, and then rode home via the West Sands. The birthday boy stuck it out and returned exhausted and content an hour later.

Then it was off to shop for his party, which included a stop at Mitchell for £2.50 take-away lattes and bacon rolls. There's nothing better after a long workout!

Around 7:30, the festivities began!



After appetizers, drinks, homemade bread by Rachel Brewer, and enough carrot cake to feed an army, the party moved to the Castle Sands for a bonfire. Commence coal-juggling. (Instigator? Adam Harger!) Thankfully, there was only one burnt thumb.

On Sunday, the big day, we attended church, Skyped with family, and then celebrated with the Brewers by eating calorie-free Fettuccine Alfredo and spice cookies with cream cheese frosting.

We are continually thankful for the abundance of wonderful friends we've made here. Happy quarter of a century, Garrick! You are loved.

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