Saturday, February 22, 2014

My Daily Commute

Since I was 16, I've driven my Honda anywhere between 10 minutes and an hour to get to work. A cup of Starbucks coffee and 103.7 The Mountain kept me company.

Now, we live in an extremely walkable town and our flat is very central. Truthfully, if we had a car we'd walk a lot less, but the car-less life has some amazing perks. I start work at 8:45am, leave my flat around 8:40ish (on good mornings), and hurriedly make my way down the Scores to work. Some days I fight gale force winds, other days sideways rain, and occasionally, I take in the beauty of a calm sunrise. Seagulls and the ocean are my soundtrack. It's quite a change, and I love it.

Saturday means that I have time to capture my daily commute. Enjoy.


Monday, February 17, 2014

Valentine's + a Birthday

My husband loves to go on weekend getaways. I do, too, but never think of planning them. So, with Valentine's and my birthday in the same weekend, this handsome guy picked me up in our hire car and we were off to Loch Tay.

For his first time navigating the left side of the road, he was a champ. In true Scottish form, we ran into a few obstacles in the middle of the road.
After waiting about five minutes, the farmer nodded at us as he passed with his sheep dog. Just a few more miles and we reached our glamping destination: The Loch Tay Highland Lodges. The snow was coming down, and the sun had set, so we cranked the heat and turned on The Fellowship of the Ring. After a few hours, we tried to navigate to the kitchen but couldn't see a foot in front of us. We settled for bread, cheese, and salami for dinner in our Wigwam. Here are a few photos when the weather cleared.
We'd stay here again! The rest of the site has different types of accommodation (including Mongolian yurts), and has stunning views of Loch Tay.
The nearest village was Killin, We discovered The Falls of Dochart Inn and took a few photos on the rocks before going inside to warm up by the fire and play Cribbage. Then we took a short drive through the nearby Trossachs before heading back to watch The Two Towers. That night at dinner, we met a fun couple from Edinburgh and we hope to stay in contact.
On Sunday we planned to drive to Dalwhinnie Distillery. Our GPS guided us to some very snowy roads, and thankfully we were able to turn around and find a safer way to the A9. We made it a bit passed the tour, so we sampled three of their whiskies paired with chocolate. Garrick bought a bottle of the 15-year and we headed back down the A9 to Loch Tay. On the way, we saw a sign for the Scottish Chocolate Centre. Garrick pulled in without even asking if we should stop. He knew. After lunch we looked through the shop and bought some dark hot chocolate and truffles.  
Just before we reached our Wigwam, we saw a sign for Castle Menzies so we pulled off. And to conclude the day, we watched The Return of the King and then relaxed by the fire in the community room.

Today, my 26th birthday, Garrick woke me up by singing, made me breakfast, and we packed up and headed to Aberfeldy. The Water Mill is a lovely independent bookstore and cafĂ©, so I bought some books and then enjoyed a hot chocolate and pain au chocolate, as you do on your birthday.

Truly, this has been the best Valentine's and birthday I've had, and this is thanks to my gem of a husband. He's a keeper.