Saturday, May 11, 2013

One Hundred!

We've written one hundred blog posts! Well, Garrick can take credit for about three.

To commemorate this milestone, take a look at our very first post: "Anxiety, Goodbyes, and Garrick, Can I  PLEASE Bring This?"

I wrote this in the home of my in-laws, sitting on our bed in Garrick's old room. I had not the slightest idea about our upcoming adventure in Scotland. I just remember buying too many coats, suctioning down bags of our belongings, and hugging my family. Although I did my best to hide it, fear consumed me, with a smidgen of excitement. I trusted God and my husband, and the support of our family and friends carried us.

One hundred posts later, I'm no longer a scared 23-year-old dreading change. I'm a slightly less scared 25-year-old embracing change. In just a year and eight months, I've learned you can never have too many coats in Scotland, bus drives don't like twenty pound notes, and we live a weirdly shaped, beautiful country worth exploring. Contentment is not uncommon.

I'll conclude with some recent photos of our life. Enjoy, and many thanks for reading.

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