Saturday, August 9, 2014

Summer Life

It's a typical Saturday morning in the Allen residence. We're sipping coffee while Garrick watches the Mariner's highlights, and I'm blogging. Also worth mentioning is the delicious cake we're eating for breakfast, sent home with us from a lovely dinner last night in Edinburgh with the Kellys.

Garrick traveled quite a bit in July, and although I really enjoyed time spent with friends, and he enjoyed seeing new places, we're happy to be back together and start living more intentionally.

A few changes include waking on the first alarm, going for a short run a few mornings a week, and spending less time surfing the web. We also do the dishes right after dinner and make our bed every morning. It's like we're grown-ups or something.

A brief update on my world: I'm knitting a pair of gloves, just received 7 skeins of yarn in the post to knit this blanket, and Harry Potter is always nearby. At the end of August, I'll be travelling to London with my team at work to put on an event for students coming to St Andrews this autumn.

Garrick? He's editing his entire thesis, preparing to teach Hebrew this semester, and has just received an exciting offer for after we leave St Andrews (more info to come). He also cycles most days.

It's likely our final year here, and this is why we're trying to live more purposefully. We love our sea-side flat, the small-town atmosphere of St Andrews, and our wonderful friends. These next few months will be spent focusing on these elements of our life. There are a few places we'd still like to visit including the Borders, Outer Hebrides, and maybe even another trip to Skye.

Next month, we are welcoming my cousin Kyara and her husband Zach for a few days, my parents for a week and a half, and then we're travelling south to England to meet up with Garrick's mom, Mark, and Mark's family. We're pretty excited. Happy Saturday!