Sunday, September 15, 2013

Year Number Three

Yesterday we enjoyed two yearly events, the New Spouses Orientation and the Roundel BBQ. "Where are you from?" "Who's your supervisor?" "Where are you staying?" All of these questions are pretty common at this time of year among the St Mary's community. New students, some with families, are fresh off the plane from all over the world. I can't believe what I hear myself saying: "This is the beginning of our third year."

Just a few years ago I arrived to a moldy flat, searched tirelessly for chocolate chips, and thought I was going to be blown away by the wind coming from the North Sea. Now, I can understand most Scottish accents, I prefer a chilly weather to hot, and I drink tea every day, sometimes several times. I'm settled. St Andrews is home.

We have a little over two years of history with some friends and a year with others. In a transient community, this feels much longer. We are thankful for this community in more ways than I can express.

So, to mark the beginning of another academic year, here are some up-to-date facts about our post-grad life:

The 9-5: Garrick works every day on his thesis and related projects at the Roundel, attends weekly seminars and meetings, and I work in the School of Modern Languages.

Weekly events: We attend Cornerstone Church at 10:30am every Sunday, I host a Tuesday night small group for wives of post-grads, and Thursday nights Garrick takes a French class, and I teach piano lessons.

Upcoming travels: We have plans to go to Edinburgh with friends at the end of this month and the beginning of October, a weekend getaway to the Isle of Mull is in the works for early November, and Garrick is attending SBL in Baltimore at the end of November.

Hobbies: I just returned from taking photos in gale force winds at the Castle Sands, we enjoy Cribbage, coffee, and relaxing together in the evenings, I am currently knitting a scarf, working on an online sea glass shop, reading "The Count of Monte Cristo," and learning German on Rosetta Stone. Garrick? He does flash cards, reads, watches the Simpsons, and reads some more.

Favourite food and drink in St Andrews: The last two Friday nights have been spent eating at the outdoor seasonal steak barn run by the Balgove Larder, and we still think Taste has the best coffee in Fife.

That's us. We're excited and grateful for another year to spend in bonny St Andrews!