Saturday, February 28, 2015

February Update

We have 45 sleeps until we drive to Germany. Our Bucket List is keeping us grounded as we prepare for the big changes ahead. And today, I added and completed another thing: breakfast at Balgove followed by a manicure with Liana! (Thanks, Garrick, for this thoughtful Valentine's gift.) There's lots to cover, so we'll just get started.


I'm in my 26th week and now require at least 6 pillows to sleep at night. Our baby girl is most active in the afternoon and evening, and we watch in awe as my stomach moves and bounces. We have a name, which I'm sure we'll share here soon. Last weekend, my lovely friends planned shower for me, and I'm still overwhelmed at the kindness of the community here. Liana, Elissa, and Rachel made a delicious brunch that had everyone going back for thirds. (Thanks to Kate Sherrard for the photos!)

The Thesis

Garrick printed out a copy of his entire thesis and is reading through it one last time. After a short trip to Birmingham for a conference early this week, he plans to submit Thursday or Friday. Much celebrating will be required, and an entire blog post will be devoted to that momentous occasion!


Monday marks three weeks until my last day. This job has been one of my favourite things about living in Scotland. The role suits me, and I get to work with wonderful people. Higher Education is a challenging and exciting environment, and I hope to continue to do this type of work in the future. It won't be too hard considering Garrick's chosen profession.

The Move

With just 31 days until we need to be out of our flat, I've planned a moving event for the end of March. We've found a new home for most items, and the rest will go to a charity shop. After we move out, we'll stay with Jesse and Liana for the remaining two weeks before Garrick defends his thesis on 14 April. We are grateful for this blessing of housing! Then, we'll be Germany bound. Our current plan is to drive to Dover, England, take the 30 minute ferry to Calais, France, and then drive to our new home, Wuppertal. It will be an adventure, and there will be several bathroom stops along the way.

So, how are we doing?

Some days we feel excited and grateful for the upcoming changes: moving to a new country, a new job, and baby due in June. Other days, we wonder if we're slightly insane. Having gone through an international move once before, we feel like we have a good grasp on what to expect. There will be tears, fights in Ikea, and doubts about our new life. But, there will also be a sausage stand in the town centre, new friends, beautiful places to explore, and the birth of our first child.

Moving to Scotland has been the best decision we've ever made. I have loved living here, and leaving is really hard. But, I know I will likely feel similarly when it comes time to leave Germany. For those who are curious, yes, we do hope to get back to the Pacific Northwest someday, we just don't know when that will be. I am sure of two things. God is faithful, and home is wherever I am with Garrick Allen.