Friday, June 20, 2014


We are currently experiencing the calm before the business of graduation. Our favourite lunch spots in town aren't too crowded, and we can sleep peacefully without waking up to Katy Perry at 2am. (We really do love our flat!)

On Saturday, I helped organise the Medicine Visiting Day for the University, and it went very well! I enjoyed dinner and drinks after at this new pub. A possible new best restaurant in St Andrews. I'm really thankful to work with people who I enjoy socialising with. I've worked in Admissions for about seven months now, and I feel very settled.

Garrick is impressing me as per usual. I recently attended his paper titled, "The Theology of Early Christian Scribes and the Greek Manuscript Tradition" at the Christian Thought Seminar last week. His handout was literally all Greek to me, but I paid attention to others in attendance to know when to turn the page. Overall, I followed his main points and the discussion that followed was very important. I enjoyed the dialogue about biblical scholars and theologians working together. It's great to see him in this setting!

On Monday, we had a day off, so we headed out to Balgove for eggs benedict (for me!) and a full Scottish breakfast (for Garrick!). Along the way, we passed many golfers teeing off at the 18th hole of the Old Course in gorgeous weather. After brunch, we retreated home for naps and reading. That evening, Garrick played in a football tournament put on by all the local churches. He had fun, but I think it was far from anything we've watched in the World Cup recently.

This summer we're mainly staying in St Andrews. Garrick has a few short weekends away for conferences in Vienna and Leuven, as well as a whisky trip to the islands, but overall we'll be at the beach or spending time with friends. Much like the PNW, it seems a shame to leave during the summer months after making it through the dark and rainy winter. Bring on the sun!

Tonight we're having a mac and cheese dinner date, and I'm hoping to continue reading the Harry Potter series. I've recently started number three and can't put it down. That's all for now!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Costa Brava

As I write this, the rain pounds against our sea-facing windows, and we just returned, drenched, from a Tesco run. It's hard to believe that just a few weeks ago we were laying on the beaches of the Mediterranean!

For the last part of our trip, we decided to relax. We rented a small place in Begur, north of Barcelona, and spent our days playing cribbage on the sun deck (below). We also explored the curving coastal roads, discovering hidden beaches. Yes, I got car sick. One evening, we sat outside for dinner at a restaurant and a local family sitting near us requested to move inside because they were too chili. And we were almost too warm! Our time spent soaking up Vitamin D while reading at the beach was among our favourite. I even convinced Garrick to go swimming (twice!).

Travelling is usually a slightly stressful endeavor for me, but this trip was truly peaceful. Spending 10 uninterrupted days with my scholar husband, who left his thesis behind, was a treat. So, here's the last of our photos. I'll spare you the ones of us at the beach....


Sunday, June 1, 2014

Cambo Estate

Before I get to our last Spain post, I'd like to share about yesterday's events. Since our time in Paris, I've enjoyed knowing Jackie and exploring Scotland together. She came to visit from Edinburgh yesterday and Liana drove us up the coast to the Cambo Estate. Girl time is the best. We're at a unique time in our lives as we know that change is coming soon. Our husbands are nearing the end of their PhD work and a move is likely in the near future, but we don't know where. Exciting and scary. Plus, we like to share recipes, hair style ideas, and handbags.

The estate has four gardens, a gift shop, a cafe, and of course, cows, pigs, and horses. We even met a local artist displaying her work. Parts of the estate reminded me of the Lade Braes in St Andrews. I also learned that it's nearly impossible to take a bad photo when it's sunny.

This rope swing provided much entertainment. (Sorry you're blurry, Liana.)

Next stop, the West Sands. We walked on the beach for about five minutes and then all admitted we were slightly hangry, so we went to the Steak Barn to conclude the day. Jesse and Garrick joined us for delicious, local food and drinks and then we gave Jackie a lift to the Leuchars train station. We're looking forward to having Jackie's husband, Will, stay will us from tonight until Tuesday for a conference in St Andrews. Garrick and his friend John, the conference planners, are finishing up last minute details in our living room as I write. Thanks for reading!