Friday, January 11, 2013

Home for the Holidays: Part II

Drive. Eat. Drive. Eat. Drive. Eat. That's what we've been doing. But, there is something very meaningful about our driving and eating. We're seeing our wonderful friends and family and engaging in encouraging and happy conversations. It's gone by quick and so will this blog.

We love the St Marie's! We rang in the New Year playing Settlers and watching King 5's News Years at the Needle! We're thankful for this pair and their newest addition, Simon. We plan to live in the same town someday, hopefully. :)
Happy 2013! We enjoyed a sunny walk around Green Lake with Mark and Julie and then some brews at the Diamond Knot. That evening, The Herms baked gourmet pizzas invited us to share in the feast. Dr Herms taught Garrick at NU and he and his family lived in the UK while he got his PhD. We had lots to talk about!
January 2nd was much like the 1st. Cinnamon rolls at the Snohomish Bakery with the Johnsons and then Chicken Pad Thai with the Rodlands!
The 3rd?  We met Garrick's mom at work and then she took us to lunch at 3rd Place Books! That evening, we met up with old friends from church, The Sparks and The Skipsnes'. What fun couples!

Friday the 4th, we enjoyed lunch with my aunt, grandparents, nephews, and mom, and then Indian food with Garrick's family! We shared our highlights from 2012 and goals for 2013. Inspired, we walked across the street for some gelato. :)
Saturday? Coffee with mom and dad at Starbucks! My parents are the best. Then, Sushi with students from youth group and after that, an amazing Pork Shoulder dinner with The Gunhus', Andersons, and Diellos. These couples were in our small group for over a year and we picked up right where we left off.
After attending Life Community Church on Sunday, we had our second helping of "Mexican" food. Taco Del Mar housed us and our friends after church. The students are grown up and doing great and we connected with Pastor Mike, Kristin, and Lucy! Then, it was off to Snohomish for Garrick to watch the Seahawks and me to meet up with my beautiful  sister and cousins for coffee.

My family has good genes. Seriously. I love these ladies! After a combined family dinner and a funny and sometimes confusing game of Telephone Pictionary, it was off to bed to prepare for another day.
Monday morning after a little sleeping in, Papa Jim and Grandma Ethy took us out to lunch! After childhood stories and soup, it was off Lynnwood to see Garrick's cousin Travis, his wife Stephanie, and baby Avery. We haven't seen her since she was born! Then to a new cool spot: Indigo. Brad, Marissa, and Ryan have a knack for choosing great Happy Hour spots! And here we are:

These people supported us the year before we left and they are still the same, genuine, hilarious friends!
Up early the next morning it was off to the Embrys, another family who lived in the UK while getting a PhD. Dr Embry taught us at NU. It was special to meet their newest addition, Lewin!
Then? Dinner with my parents! Time with them has been life-giving. There's nothing like vegging out at mom and dad's! Plus, we really like them.
Wednesday brought time with Rachael! Friends since 7th grade, we've shared many memories! Time with this girl was much needed.
Now it's Thursday, and today we visited my old office, sorted through boxes of our stuff, and enjoyed Teryaki with my family. I guess this hasn't been short. Sorry. But I wouldn't cut anything out!

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