Sunday, February 19, 2012

Banana Pancakes

Friday is usually the winner of the "Best Day of the Week" prize. Not in St Andrews.

Our church, Trinity, begins at noon every Sunday, and we walk out of the stone, curved doorway at about 1:30. Then we would go to Janetta's for soup of the day with our friends. (Note: Cafe in the Square is far superior, but closed on Sundays.)

Lindsay had the bright idea of eating breakfast together before church instead of lunch afterward so as to give us more time in the afternoon. Three breakfasts later, it's a hit. This morning we ate chocolate chip & banana pancakes, and I lived Jack Johnson's lyrics. It just needed to rain. The french press coffee, fellowship, and seeing how many people can cram around or tiny table were also highlights.

Trinity is a fairly new gathering that meets at Holy Trinity Church. We have been warmly welcomed and integrated very quickly to the unique community. We enjoy the relaxed atmosphere as well as the straight forward, scripture based teaching. On Friday morning we're going to a prayer meeting at 7:15 complete with bacon rolls. I don't think there's a better combination!

This Sunday was more special than most. We played Ultimate Frisbee with friends on the beach. I wore sweats and a fleece and was the perfect temperature, running around on the sun kissed sand. To conclude our day, we threw together a "barbecue" and got to know some new friends. Broiled hot dogs wrapped in pitas with mustard = our Scottish attempt at an American classic. And boy, was it good! (I'll admit a little weird, but good.)

And for these reasons, Sundays in St Andrews are without question, my favorite day of the week. But with wonderful new job, Mondays doesn't seem so bad either.

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