Sunday, July 13, 2014

Fife Coastal Path: Earlsferry to Anstruther

We hiked another section of the Fife Coastal Path yesterday: 10 miles from Earlsferry to Anstruther. Although we hiked almost 20 miles last time, we covered less ground on this outing because we conquered the Elie Chain Walk.

Adam and Lindsay met us at the St Andrews bus station at 9am, and we had coffee waiting. They made us eggs muffins for breakfast, and we packed snacks for the day. We got off in Elie and walked to Earlsferry to find the entrance to the Chain Walk. I was especially thankful to have Eagle Scout Harger along for this part of the journey. Basically, we used chains to navigate up and down rocky cliffs along the coast. There were well-used footholds and overall we felt very safe.

Once we completed the Chain Walk, the rest of our hike was fairly easy. Even though the clouds came in, the rain held off and it was quite warm. Lindsay and I were usually behind Adam and Garrick, who we overheard discussing the ins and outs of their projects. They love what they do! We came upon several ruins including castles, saltpans, and doocots. We also saw some cows who seemed unimpressed by our attempts to make friends. Eventually, we arrived in lovely St Monans and met an artist who had planted flowers in over a hundred pairs of wellies.

Our food destination of this trip? The Cocoa Tree! We consumed several pitchers of water before our lunch even arrived. We all ordered soup and devoured hot cocoa for dessert. As we were leaving, we got to sample chocolates filled with whisky. The final mile to Anstruther flew by, and we sat eating chips at the harbour while waiting for the bus back to St Andrews.

We plan to do another section of the coastal path in August! Stay tuned.

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