Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Garrick's Birthday Bonfire!

On Monday, my handsome husband turned 26! He said he feels old. I'm afraid to say I felt similarly on my birthday. I'm sure we'll look back and laugh at ourselves in a few years.

After returning from the Borders on Sunday evening, I cooked a big American breakfast for Garrick's birthday dinner: pancakes, eggs, hash browns, fried mushroom and tomatoes, and of course bacon. Then, we sat down to finish our "Harry Potter" movie marathon we started the previous weekend.

During my lunch break on Monday, I delivered balloons and fudge donuts to the Roundel for the birthday boy and his office mates. Then we went to lunch at his favourite soup place, Café in the Square.

Monday night, we invited several of our friends over for coconut carrot cake and drinks before heading down to the Castle Sands for a bonfire. The boys played football, the kids searched for beach treasures, and fun was had by all. Many thanks to Spencer Bentley for the below photos:

Happy birthday, Garrick! I'm beyond grateful I get to live life with you. Without you, I'd laugh a lot less. And be lonely. Your hard work and kindness to me does not go unnoticed. You are loved! xo


  1. We had so much fun!! Thanks again for including us (and our kids!). We love you, Garrick (and Andrea!!!). :)

  2. Looks like such a blast! So wishing we could have gone now ;) Please, let's do another this summer!