Sunday, March 9, 2014

Saturday in Edinburgh

Sometimes we just need to get out. It's the best way to remember how much we love the small-town charm of St Andrews and to experience the options and beauty a city offers.

We caught the 8:40am train and enjoyed a few games of cribbage before getting off at Waverly. On a whim I asked Garrick (who hates heights) if he'd like to climb the Scott Monument. He obliged and we paid our 8 quid and began walking the 287 steps up to the top. There are several landings with little nooks to explore, including a museum halfway up. As we neared the top, our shoulders touched the side walls and we could barely fit through the door to the lookout. The views are said to be the best in Edinburgh, and we'd agree!


Back on the ground, we shopped at the Gap and then sat down at Starbucks (thanks, Dad!) for some tea and coffee. For lunch we ate at Oink on Grassmarket, then explored a few bookstores and met up with Will and Jackie, who we got to know last summer in Paris. They showed us Stockbridge, home to amazing charity shops, and then we stopped in at the Hanging Bat, a delicious beer cafĂ©. 

They invited another couple to join us for traditional fish pie at their flat and we concluded the night with games. I actually fell asleep on their floor with a heated blanket wrapped around me. Heaven.

We caught the last train back to St Andrews, not realising that a Scotland vs. France Rugby match had just finished. Scotland lost. I got beer dumped on me. It was an experience.

We are thankful for this unique city that's so close to St Andrews, and also for fun friends to show us around. We'll go back soon!


  1. We're going this coming weekend! Anything we shouldn't miss?

    1. We loved Stockbridge! You should check it out. Lots of great charity shops and cafes.