Sunday, October 6, 2013

Good Eats: Edinburgh Edition

During our month in Paris, we met Will and Jackie Kelly. They live in Edinburgh while Will works on his  PhD at New College. Will also received the grant to take the French course and we quickly hit it off. (Click here for Jackie's blog about their expat life.) Since then, we've talked about trips to see each other, and so we set a date and bought train tickets. We invited the Nickels to join us on our day trip to experience Edinburgh with a 'local' (Will is currently in Germany, so Jackie kindly showed us around).

After returning some items to the Gap and Levis and feeling refreshed to be in the big city, we made a quick stop at Anthropologie and then began our day of eating some of Edinburgh's finest fare.

Brew Lab

Coffee was first on the list. Garrick enjoyed a fruity Kenyan coffee brewed in a Chemex machine. I has a square of peanut butter chocolate shortbread, and we sat at the picnic table style seating and began our first of many good conversations over yummy food and drink.
Next, we wanted to try out a local falafel take-away called Che, but forgot that these tend to be closed on Saturdays. So, the Villager was our plan b. Hungry, I forgot to get my camera and photograph the beefy goodness and thin, crispy fries.
To appease to two PhD students in the group, we stopped at a few old bookshops. Garrick, Jesse and Liana all found some gems, and then the girls left early to eat cake.
I love Lovecrumbs. A lot. They've converted a wardrobe into a cake display and menu, display lots of vintage décor, and have a good coffee and tea selection. Pictured below is Liana's peanut butter chocolate tart with a glass of milk, and my apple crumble cake.

We walked off our cakes and headed for Brew Dog, where we sank into a worn leather couch and enjoyed some hoppy beverages. I'm so thankful for good friends to share life with.
And finally, dinner time. We chose a Chipotle-like burrito place, fit even more in our bellies (how is that possible?!), and then headed for the train. We're looking forward to having Jackie come visit in St Andrews and showing her a few of our favourite places. With that, I'll leave you with my attempt at photographing the Edinburgh Castle at night with no flash:


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