Monday, September 3, 2012

Our New Home!

Goodbye Langlands Road and hello to The Scores! On Thursday night, with the help of a few generous (and strong) friends, we moved what little we own to our new flat.  We inherited this property from The Watts, who now live in a more accommodating place for their family. We have a view, live very close to the Town Centre and our offices, and now have a bathtub! It's a quirky place, and we're really beginning to love it.
Want a tour? I took some photos.

Above is our front door and the walkway leading up to our flat from town.

We have a large entryway, and each room is branches off from this space.

To the right is our sitting room. The furniture is...eclectic.


We definitely have a retro kitchen. The sun shines in each morning, making it a cheerful place!

Our dining table is in the sitting room, so we often sit at the kitchen island unless we have company.

Our bedroom is very spacious, and we each have a space for our clothes! (Garrick had to do without a closet in our last place.)

I can't forget about the bathtub:

There's no toilet in this room, because we have a water closet!

Our back entryway with the Cathedral and St Rules Tower in the background:

And finally, the view:

Honestly, the location is pretty dreamy. We're definitely excited to make this place our own and update a few things, but overall, we're content.

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