Monday, July 16, 2012

The Transient Bubble

We're not new anymore! Fresh faces are arriving in St Andrews, some smiling, others anxious, tired, and expectant, just like we were 11 months ago. Already, we've met a few new friends and are excited about more people joining the St Andrews community.

But, there are some who've left who we'll greatly miss. It's not the same without the Jones' knocking on our door to borrow our less than working hoover, or seeing the Cook family on a walk along the East sands. And still to leave are more special families.

These transitions have made me feel like a transient. Our stay here is temporary. I'm here for just a short time, only a small fraction of my life. It's easy to remain unplugged and unplanted. The goal seems to be "going home." Oddly enough, the families that have left miss St Andrews. And I'm realizing that one day I'll miss it, too.

So, this week I've begun settling in. We bought sharp kitchen knives. We're getting road bikes soon.  We're having dinner with new friends on Tuesday night. I may even get my name added to our bank account (don't ask). Three more years is a long time. Too long a time to spend looking back at what we're missing and looking forward to going there again.

Garrick and I live in St Andrews, Scotland.


  1. I've been having similar thoughts, friend. So glad to spend these years with someone as wonderful as you (...yes, and Garrick too!)

    1. Ditto! You're such a special and fun friend to me. :)

  2. Replies
    1. This is my favorite post of yours so far!

    2. Thanks, Rowan! Please come back to Scotland! :)