Tuesday, July 3, 2012

An Allen Update!

Happy July! For those who are experiencing the heat across most of the US, feel privileged. I've been wearing boots, scarves, and sweaters. In July. According to BBC Weather, rain is forcasted for the rest of the month. My friend Haley says Scotland has one season: Spring. I'm beginning to agree.

Here's what's new:

1) Visitors! Kenneth and Janelle Owings, (my sister and brother-in-law) make their debut in Scotland on 13th October! I know it's still a few months away, but we're so thrilled. I've already begun planning. By the time they arrive, we will have gone one year without seeing each other.

2) Moving! On 1st September we're moving flats. Our new location? The shores of the North Sea! It's pretty dreamy. Even better, we're inheriting the property from our friends, The Watts. Only 10 minutes from my office, we'll be in the heart of St Andrews. (Our flat is the blue door on the right.)

3) Anniversary! Our 4th Anniversary is coming up at the end of July. We've yet to make any plans, but the month of July brings back many fun memories leading up to our wedding. Lately, we've been laughing at how young we were. :)

4) Manchester! Garrick and a few other students got a grant from the University to travel to Manchester and look at Cairo Geniza manuscripts. Here's what that means: "Early medieval Jewish Biblical texts, magical amulet's, artwork, Judeo-Arabic script, and all sorts of other fun scribblings and drawings." -Garrick. If that didn't bore you enough, feel free to find out more here.

5) Book Club! Early this year I joined a Book Club. Over the summer, we aren't meeting, but are still reading. The book? "London: A Biography" by Peter Ackroyd. It's over 800 pages and packed with lots of history. I'll be lugging this around with me in order to finish by September.

6) Scholarship! Every Saturday Garrick sits down and writes to several charities, trusts, and funds. This involves sending letters, filling out applications, and writing essays. From these efforts, he's received two small grants and one substantial scholarship, called the Santander 100. Way to go, Garrick!

We'd love to hear what's new with you and thanks for reading!

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