Monday, August 19, 2013

30 days in Paris {3/4}

Travelling helps you learn about yourself, good and bad. Over the past three weeks, I've realised that I'm more introverted than I thought, I enjoy being a tourist once I'm home and can unpack the highlights from the day, I hate being alone in big cities, and finally, I could eat a croissant every day (or three).

Upon our arrival, we made a Paris 'wish list' with all of the things we wanted to see. About a week in, we realised our pace was a sprint and that we could slow down a bit. This has made the second half of the trip more enjoyable, as we can see favourite things again and enjoy days spent at  less-touristy attractions including markets, smaller museums, and parks.

Here's the highlight reel:

Tuileries Garden
This garden is a wonderful entryway to the Louvre. Centred around a large fountain, statues and manicured gardens welcome thousands of Parisians and tourists.
Date Night!
Heels and lipstick are two things I normally go without, but not in Paris! Garrick even dressed up. We enjoyed a traditional French meal at La Caveau de l'isle on Ile Saint-Louis, an island in the middle of Paris. The restaurant is in a cave, with the ceiling painted red and candlelit tables. We ordered French onion soup, foie gras, rump steaks, and my husband's all time favourite, crème brulee. To conclude the evening, we took a lovely stroll by the Seine and enjoyed street musicians and stunning views of Notre Dame.

L'as Du Fallafel
It's cheap, amazing, and a must-eat while in Paris.

The Metro
It's a love/hate relationship. Fast, convenient, sweaty, jerky, and uncomfortable, this amazing system has taken us everywhere we've wanted to go in Paris!

The Palais Garnier
We visited the opera house which served as the setting for "The Phantom of the Opera." It's probably one of the most beautiful places I've seen. Everything says elegance, from the red velvet seating to the gold chandeliers, to the beautiful paintings.

Palais Royal
We stumbled upon this square outside the Louvre and were pleasantly surprised by this string ensemble. This is also where some of the most high-end shopping can be found. I also stopped in a bookstore and picked up a "Doodle Paris" book to work on my French and drawing skills. So far, it's...going. :)
Marche Bastille
Sunday is market day in Paris. We headed out early to explore one of the largest markets in Paris and were not disappointed. It reminded us Seattle folk of Pike Place Market. It didn't take long for us to order pan au chocolats to have in hand while we wandered through the crowded stalls. I think we'll be back next week as I spotted some jewellery I loved!

I'm very thankful for the opportunities we've been given to see the world, and I'm also thankful that St Andrews is just a week and a half away!

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