Saturday, July 20, 2013

ISBL, Finance, EABS, and the In-Between

It's hard to concentrate on July when buttery croissants, cappuccinos, and the Tour d'Eiffel are in my future. But, I'll do my best.

ISBL (International Society of Biblical Literature) came to St Andrews and was the largest conference the University has ever held.  Garrick presented on "The Text Form of the Minor Prophets in the Book of Revelation: Two Allusions to Zechariah 4 as a Test Case." Thoughts from the scholar himself: "I got good feedback on my paper, had a lot of fun, and met really great people." I noticed that Garrick came home every night more energized than when he left in the morning. He is blessed.

Finance. I have truly enjoyed the last three weeks in the Cash Office. I've been warmly welcomed, had tea made for me at least twice a day, and enjoyed ice cream every Friday. The work suits me, and the days fly by. I'm thankful had the opportunity to work this summer and would be interested in future work in Finance.

Abbey Walk roses on my daily commute.

EABS (European Association of Biblical Studies) is in Leipzig, Germany this year. Garrick and two of his friends will stay in the "Say Cheese" hostel and attend the conference. This time, he'll present on "Remarks on the Textual Form of Zechariah Utilized in Revelation." Then, he catches the train to meet me in Paris!

And here's to the in-between. Social much? We're coming up on our two-year mark, and this means our relationships with friends don't feel so 'new'. And come fall, a whole new group of students will arrive, and we're excited to welcome them to this unique community. With the weather reaching practically scorching for Scotland, we've enjoyed outdoor BBQ's, bonfires, and hunted for sea glass on packed beaches. Did we move to Spain?

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