Friday, February 1, 2013

Week One

Because Garrick is a PhD student, the academic calendar is much different: He studies year-round. This means that over holiday periods, there are available seats at Taste, the Castle Sands is empty, and Tesco is not a bottleneck at 5pm. Truly, it's a very nice respite.

Castle Sands
Week one of Candlemas semester is almost complete. I have settled in well to my new post, helping students and staff in the School of Modern Languages. Today is Friday, which means it's Fat Friday. My office mates and I take turns getting cakes for our tea break. :) Garrick is tutoring, attending the Old Testament and New Testament Seminars, taking German, and also auditing a Hebrew Reading module. Oh, and writing his dissertation. His work ethic is remarkable.

Our new schedule will remain basically the same until May. The only change will be next week, when I add piano lessons on Thursdays. I'm pleased to have three beginning students to teach and will be calling my mom often for advice!

My piano nook!

We are thankful for another new season and for God's provision. Now if we could just get back on our bikes! 

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