Wednesday, November 14, 2012

November News

Soup cravings, early sunsets, and eggnog lattes are here. What does November look like Allen-style? I'll tell you:

Our schedules are in full swing. We have a 9-5 work day and weekly events that include Monday Date Night, Tuesday Night Bible Study, Sunday Brunch, and finally, Sunday Game Night at the Brewers. Saturday? We laze.

We have nerdy hobbies.  I've recently learned to knit thanks to my lovely ladies Rachel and Haley. I am almost done with a scarf for G and have a few other exciting projects! Garrick's hobby is reading, big surprise, with a few rounds of Temple Run to relax his brain.

I'm job searching.  Long, complicated story short, my team is restructuring and my post is ending on the 31st of January. I could possibly stay on longer, we'll see. Finding contentment in uncertainty is a skill I'm learning, like it or not.

The Samsung Galaxy Ace makes me happy. We traded in our go-phones for smart phones and are saving money on our bill. And we have Swype texting. Don't know what that is? Find out here.

Thanksgiving is coming! I'll dedicate an entire post to our second Scottish Thanksgiving, but we're looking forward to a few celebrations, one of which will include pheasant!

Meet Tutor Allen. Garrick has been tutoring for the class entitled, "The History and Religion of Ancient Israel." He leads two small sessions a week on different assigned readings. And he dresses up. :)

And finally, five weeks and four days until...we fly home for Christmas!!! I know this is not November news, but we are talking and planning quite a bit for our long awaited return to the USA. Family and friends, we are coming for you! (And Chipotle...)

All in all, November reminds us to be thankful. And we have much to be thankful for.

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