Saturday, October 27, 2012

Fall Visitors!

After exactly a year of less than perfect Skype connections, quick phone calls, and emails, my sister and brother-in-law made the 19 hour journey to St Andrews! The anticipation on the day they arrived cannot be explained. Garrick even pretended to knock at the door at one point. What a heartless joke. ;)

Sunday, 14th October

They're here! After catching up for a few hours, they showered and walked along the East Sands to the home of the Brewers for dinner and games! Kenneth was the UNO champ, which is very impressive when going on 30 hours without sleep.


Monday, 15th October

First things first, St Andrews! I loved seeing their expressions and hearing their comments as we walked about the town. The Cathedral proved the highlight of the day.

Tuesday, 16th October

Garrick showed them around the St Andrews Castle built in 1200! The bottle dungeon and Mine and Countermine did not disappoint. This is where battles took place for control of the castle. They also tried the Full Scottish Breakfast at Mitchell, and to Garrick's surprise, did not love Haggis and Blood Pudding.

Wednesday, 17th October

Exploring Edinburgh, even in a massive downpour, is delightful. They both appreciated the architecture, cobble-stoned streets, and feel of this city. After the picturesque train ride, we darted into the nearest Costa Coffee to avoid the rain. We had a lovely view of the National Gallery and enjoyed our hot beverages.

Next? The National Gallery, St Giles Cathedral, and then lunch at Whiski on the Royal Mile. I ordered the Haggis Tower hoping to give our fellow Americans another chance to like Haggis. Nope.

Both Janelle and Kenneth said Edinburgh Castle was a highlight of the trip.

Thursday, 18th October

Garrick and I both worked, so K&J enjoyed a day to themselves sleeping in, having a lunch date, and shopping around St Andrews. They also treated us to a delicious dinner! That evening we watched "Gregory's Girl," a hilariously awkward Scottish film.

Friday, 19th October

K&J set off to Scotland's capital before Edinburgh, Dunfermline! They maneuvered the bus system and had a great time. You can see photos and more information here. That evening, we had a few friends over so they could meet our special guests!

Saturday, 20th October

The East Neuk Villages are unique and quaint. We love them! We rode at the top of a double-decker bus and arrived in Pittenweem. The Cocoa Tree and the Woolly Brew (yarn shop) are the two major draws of this adorable coastal town.

The hot chocolate needs its own recognition:

With cinnamon set atop the stove, the smell and atmosphere are unmatched! This cute couple loved it:

Then, we walked along the windy coast to Anstruther! We watched golfers contemplate their shots and waves crash into the rocks. Truly amazing. Equally amazing was Garrick and Kenneth playing like 5 year olds. :)

Sunday, 21st October

Attending Trinity was another special time! Sitting in church together is something that doesn't happen often, and the service was very meaningful. After church we came home and relaxed. This means Janelle and I knit and crocheted, and Kenneth and Garrick played Temple Run.

Then, it was time for a final photo shoot with the happy couple at the Old Course and West Sands.

Monday, 22nd October

Our last full day was prefect and fulfilling. Kenneth found some imperial pint glasses for 60p at the local charity shops, and Janelle and I bonded through redecorating my living room! Here is the finished product:

After some Bacon Mac & Cheese, we had an early night. The alarms were set for 6am the next morning!

Tuesday, 23rd October

Goodbye, K&J! They caught a taxi at 7am to meet their train in Leuchars. The fact that they left their two precious boys for 10 days to come and see us was humbling. We love these two more than words can say and the time we spent together will be remembered for life. And, the goodbyes were only for two months! We'll see them and the rest of our family and friends in Washington at Christmas!

The end.

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