Saturday, June 23, 2012

Italia Part II: Pompeii

A wee history lesson:

Mt Vesuvius erupted in 79 AD, covering Pompeii in about 20 feet of ash. 1700 years later, it was rediscovered, prompting it's excavation. Roman life in the 1st century was frozen in time. Below are photos of Mt Vesuvius from the Forum.

The Forum is dominated by the Temple of Jupiter. According to Rick Steves, "Jupiter was the supreme god of the Roman pantheon."

The most striking images were those of the preserved people of Pompeii, obviously shielding themselves from the eruption. (Note the pregnant woman on the right.)

Crosswalks, heated floors in the bath house, and even a fast-food restaurant demonstrate the advanced way of life for 1st century Romans. Even their pottery is amazing.

In this society, the rich, middle class, and poor lived on the same street. More extravagant homes neighbored simple residences. When entering the richest home, the Latin word "HAVE", meaning "Hail" or "Welcome" is written in stone. Inside, a beautiful Mosaic can be seen on the ground.

Over 33 brothels were available for a town of 20,000 people.  Pictured is one of the rooms in a well preserved brothel. The women were called "Shewolves" and would call to the men on the street.

Upon exiting Pompeii, the Theatre is the last stop. Seating 5,000 people, ticket prices varied based on location. Our voices echoed as we ran up and down the stairs, talking and laughing.

And finally, our day ended with some good food:

Stay tuned for Italia Part III: Siena and Cinque Terre!

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