Saturday, April 21, 2012

When we go back to the States, we need to _________.

We've been having cravings and neither of us are pregnant. So, we thought we'd start planning now for our looked-forward-to return to the USA!

1) Eat at Chipotle

2) Go to a Mariner game. (Garrick) And eat a hot dog. (Andrea)

3) Drive a car on the right-hand side of the road.

4) Go through a drive-thru

5) Play at the park with our nephews

6) Shop at Target

7) Cycle the Centennial Trail with Dan the Man

8) Go to happy hour at Lot #3 or the Matador with the LCC crew

9) Smell the fertilizer while driving down into the Snohomish Valley

10) Watch TV

11) Have coffee with Rachael Goit (Andrea)

12) Eat one of Mark's curries

13) Shop with my mom, sister, and Julie (Andrea)

14) Travel around the San Juan Islands

We'll keep adding, and if you think of anything we've missed, don't be shy!


  1. At first I was like, 'Why does Garrick want to have coffee with Rachael Goit?', and then I saw the note in parenthesis. Thanks for clarifying there.

  2. Nick, I thought the exact same thing when I wrote that. ;) Thanks for reading!