Monday, September 12, 2011

Eating Out in St Andrews!

Garrick and I love to eat out for many reasons. We enjoy experiencing different cultures and tastes, we love chatting over a good meal, and most importantly, no dishes! Here's a few of our recent finds in our new town:

Pizza Express:

Don't let the name fool you. It's nothing close to Pizza Hut. Located right next to the library and the Holy Trinity Church between South and Market Street, the atmosphere is great. We sat at a little window table and people watched with a beautiful church as the backdrop. We ordered the Padana pizza with Goat cheese, mozzarella, spinach, red and caramelised onions, and garlic oil. Traditionally served in Rome, it was thin crusted and baked perfectly. Our kind waitress provided great service and we enjoyed the quaint, contemporary atmosphere.

Le Rendezvous:

Feeling a bit down on a rainy, windy day here in St Andrews, I told Garrick I wanted, more needed,  hot cocoa. Being about 6:30 on a Sunday night, we assumed most coffee shops were closed. We bundled up and walked into town, making a short pit stop to feet the hungry ducks, and found this little french bakery tucked away on Market Street. They serve pizza, paninis, pastries, and cold and hot beverages. I ordered hot cocoa with a cinnamon pastry, and Garrick ordered a macchiato. I cheered up when the cocoa came in a tall, clear mug adorned with cream and chocolate sprinkles. We walked down a few stairs into the rear of the cafe, and enjoyed overhearing the conversation of a happy family near us. I will definitely go back since there are plenty of blustery nights ahead!

The Glass House:

After watching the RAF air show from The Scores, we wandered down around the Old Course and came back on North Street. We'd heard the Glass House was good from many different publications around St Andrews and decided to give it a try. We were seated in little balcony with a cover and heat lamps overhead. We looked across at a beautiful stone church and watched a traditional Scottish wedding, complete with bag pipes! We each chose our courses from the 2 course lunch menu. Garrick felt both adventurous and obligated to try Haggis and ordered vegetable soup with focaccia, and a stone baked Haggis pizza with bechamel sauce. I did not feel the same adventure to eat lamb stomach and who knows what else, so I ordered the soup as well with venison sausage and mustard mashed potatoes. The food satisfied, even the Haggis, and the surroundings couldn't be beat.

Maisha Restaurant:

Voted one of the top 5 Indian restaurants in the UK, we had high expectations. We walked passed Maisha many times as it's located on College Street, near the university. We headed out from our flat thinking we knew exactly where to go, and did a loop around South Street without success. Just when we decided to give up, we saw the little red sign! It's a very small restaurant, only about 7-8 tables. Just one smell and look at people eating curry and naan, we knew we'd found something good. We ordered the three course meal beginning with Poppadoms and chutney. Garrick chose potato fritters and Lamb Madras, (very spicy!) and I enjoyed spring rolls and Chicken Tikka Masala. We didn't have lots of meaningful conversation and that means the food was excellent! We both agreed it's the best Curry we've had. I do need to acknowledge Mark Grantham, however, because he makes the best homemade curry we've ever had! :) We've walked past Maisha a few more times and are tempted to go in, but want to try another Indian restaurant first and compare. They have a student take away special that we'll order often, I'm sure!

The Rule:

We get hungry at weird times. I attribute that to our jet lag, and the 8 hours that disappeared from our lives. Then you can understand why starvation creeps up on us and we have to eat right away. This pub came just in time, and it was very typical with displays of sport times and events and a walk up ordering counter. Hungry, I craved a hamburger and Garrick wanted to try something new and had Scottish Pie and beans. Our lunch came quickly and did not disappoint. Good pub food at a good price. And for those who are curious, Scottish Pie is a pastry filled with meat, veggies, and cheese. Good and comforting.

Jenettas Ice Creamery and Italian Style Bistro:

With over 52 flavors of ice cream, Janettas is pretty popular in St Andrews. It's been a family owned business since 1888. We didn't order ice cream, though. I need it to be sunny and at least 70 degrees before I crave ice cream. Is that weird? We went to the Italian Style Bistro next door because Garrick craved soup. He ordered a "white coffee" thinking it was what we have at home, and the waitress laughed and informed him that it's just coffee with milk. He said he'd take that! Originally wanting soup, the cream cheese and prosciutto panini caught his eye. I had the special, a baked potato with chili and cheese and a green salad. The bistro was loud and busy, but service was fast and good. We enjoyed our food and sat and talked over our white coffees for about an hour. Good memories in a cute bistro! When the temperature rises here, I don't know if it ever will, I will try the ice cream.

Well, we've been quite a few places so far, but will slow down a bit and start budgeting! Our college student bank account doesn't allow for frequent eating out, but we'll do it as much as we can. Thanks for reading and comment about your favorite restaurant!

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